Three Ingredients of TAP

Each TAP intervention combines:

Mindful Practice

Exposure to trauma leaves an emotional & physical imprint. After a traumatic event our bodies and minds are often in states of activation or avoidance. TAP interventions address this reactivity through the teaching of mindfulness practices. Each creative engagement exercise is preceded by, and paired with, mindfulness practices which have been shown to enhance self-acceptance, mediate strong emotions and foster self-regulation.

Creative Engagement

All TAP creative interventions, whether visual, written or performance, are trauma-informed and sequenced in a manner that is attentive to, not only the emotional impact of traumatic events, but also to the social and political context in which they occur. TAP activities support a process that promotes safety and self-determination in both individual and group exercises.

Legal Empowerment

TAP interventions support translation of new skills into empowered action. Access to legal information is provided to familiarize participants with needed resources and to facilitate a sense of mastery as they navigate through the legal system. Click here for legal resources.

“It is an essential practice for our times to be ever mindful and to harvest the flowers of our pain. The process in the Perspectives: Transforming Violence through Mindful Artmaking workshops and the conversations and exchanges from it have paved the way for new understanding and growth.”

~ Ekua Holmes, workshop participant and Assistant Director, CACP, Massachusetts College of Arts and Design