Tap Staff

HP Image_TAP Team_Barbara-Hamm_150x150px

Barbara Hamm, Psy. D.
TAP Director of Mindful Practice & Trauma-Informed Interventions

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L'Merchie Frazier
TAP Director of Creative Engagement

HP Image_TAP Team_Mary-Harvey_150x150px

Mary Harvey, Ph. D.
Director of Violence Transformed & TAP’s Primary Contributing Artist and Community Psychologist

HP Image_TAP Team_Mark-Gottlieb_150x150px

Mark Gottlieb
Executive Director of The Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI) & TAP Legal System Advisor

HP Image_TAP Team_Keena-Banda_150x150px

Keena Banda
TAP Administrative Assistance & Outreach Coordinator

Office Email:

Phone: 617-373-8625

Physical Address: 102 The Fenway, Cushing Hall, Boston, MA 02115-5004

Mailing Address: 360 Huntington Avenue, Suite #117 CU, Boston, MA 02115-5004



Download our brochure to share with groups or communities impacted by violence.

TAP is an initiative of Violence Transformed and the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University School of Law. TAP is supported by funds from the Federal Victims of Crime Act of 1984. These VOCA funds are awarded by the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance.