COVID-19 Creativity Resources

TAP is committed to supporting the health and safety of all during an unprecedented moment by turning this crisis into opportunities to strengthen our practices.  In this space we feature videos  that demonstrate a range of creative activities for individuals and families.

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TAP Creativity Videos

Have you felt the impact of violence in our world? This workshop will explore spontaneous designs that can help us confront, challenge and mediate violence.

Materials: Paper and any drawing utensils or  painting mediums you have available.

Learn a simple technique to create fun stop-motion animations using a stop-motion animation cell phone app.

Materials: Download app and get ready for a creative fun activity. Have some Legos or other toys or objects at hand to begin your project.

In my portraiture workshop we will spend time learning the basic measurements, breaking down the form, and adding value to create a realistic portrait. We will be working from a photograph, which will be provided through a google drive link. At the end of the demo I’ll be open for any questions or suggestions the class may have. This workshop is appropriate for all ages.

Materials: Paper and pencil

Gail Bos is a prominent member of the Cambridge Art Association, the Jamaica Plain Arts Council and the Monotype Guild of New England. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries and art spaces throughout Massachusetts including Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Lowell and Wellfleet. Her work is in the permanent collections of the DeCordova Museum Board of Trustees, and the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission.

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