COVID-19 Mindful Practice Resources

TAP is committed to supporting the health and safety of all during an unprecedented moment by turning this crisis into opportunities to strengthen our practices.

Scroll down to learn about mindful in-home activities to practice with your family or on your own. They include a mindfulness handwashing video, FREE online community meditation sessions, meditation apps and live yoga classes, and resources for resiliency and connection during this time of social distancing.

You can also visit our full collection of TAP Videos for a range of family-friendly mindful and creative activities.

For one-time or recurring TAP offerings, we encourage you to visit What's New.


Take A Walk

From our TAP affiliated artist Mary Harvey, we have a mindful walk activity for parents or guardians at home, or in a shelter, to do with your kids or grand kids!

Click here for downloadable PDF.

From Trudy Goodman at InsightLA : Washing Your Hands with Love

"Washing our hands so often, for so long, can be hard to sustain. I don’t know about you, but for me, singing “Happy Birthday” twice gets old! How can we transform this necessary chore into a support for opening our hearts? We can repeat loving kindness phrases, offering wishes for the health and well-being of our loved ones and our world. We can explore the sensuousness of mindful presence, reveling in the feeling of water on our hands, grounding ourselves in this very moment - the only one we actually have. At InsightLA, we put together this video to inspire you to take the time it does take to thoroughly clean our hands and stay healthy and well. Handwashing can be an uplifting splash of mindfulness, many times a day!"

TRICYCLE:  Live On-line Meditation Practice Sessions
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review is an independent, nonsectarian Buddhist quarterly magazine that publishes Buddhist teachings, practices, and critique. In response to this time of heightened anxiety and isolation due to the COVID-19 health crisis, Tricycle is offering free virtual meditations.

Creating a Home Retreat: Finding Freedom Wherever You Are
In this time of the coronavirus pandemic, we need ways to steady our hearts and care for ourselves and one another. This free half-day, at-home mindfulness retreat is led by Buddhist teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Visit their website for more information. Three videos are available there to guide you in your practice.

Ten Percent Happier
This mindfulness and meditation app has specific meditations for use during this health crisis. Offering 6 months free to all healthcare employees.



Headspace: Weathering the Storm Collection
These are part of a larger collection in the Headspace app that are free for everyone. It includes meditations, sleep, and movement exercises to help you out, however you’re feeling.

Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
Offering donation-based LIVE yoga classes for trauma survivors


JP Centre Yoga
Offering donation-based LIVE online yoga classes

Greater Good Science Center

Greater Good Magazine: Resources for Resilience and Connection
The Coronavirus crisis calls upon us to act responsibly for our own sake and for others. Visit GGSC's Magazine website for a wealth of information, videos, podcasts and resources. You can also sign up for their newsletter.

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