How TAP Works

TAP interventions are:

  • A blend of Mindful Practice, Creative Engagement, and Legal Empowerment.
  • Offered as interactive groups.
  • Time-limited (an intervention may be offered for a few hours or as multi-day intensives; they may be one-time interventions or a series of sequenced workshops spanning several months).
  • Co-designed by TAP staff & your community group or neighborhood organization. Interventions are hosted by your organization or held in local settings which are comfortable and familiar to your members.
  • Offered free of charge.

TAP is:


Sharing information about trauma and recovery with participants engaged in each creativity-based activity supports both verbal and nonverbal processing of complex emotions.


Access to TAP interventions is designed to meet the needs of the group requesting services. Each intervention is offered in a setting familiar to the group. Issues of acceptance and belongingness are enhanced, and stigma reduced, through participation in shared creative and mindful engagement activities.


Playful exploration of new possibilities, combined with the sharing and acquisition of new problem-solving skills, supports the restoration of personal dignity and the repair and/or creation of new social networks.


Download our brochure to share information about TAP with groups or communities impacted by violence.

"In all forms of art, part of you is in the trauma, and part of you is a step away from it."
"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

~ Maya Angelou